Cotesi Alvarez Solplast Total Polyfilm singleton Agricultural LAMMA

Silage Sheeting

Our favoured suppliers are Solplast, a company belonging to the largest group of processed plastics industry in Spain and one of the best in Europe. Specializing in plastics for agricultural use and advanced technology equipped. SOLPLAST, S.A. leads the Spanish market of agricultural plastics in both technology and product range, providing solutions to current agricultural demands.

They form part of a 100% Spanish corporate group along with Armando Alvarez, one of the leaders in the plastic sector in Spain, and one of the biggest in Europe. Their 40,000 m² installations are located in Lorca (Murcia), and utilize state of the art technology in the manufacture of plastics for agriculture. They manufacture Silage sheeting up to 19.5m in width in black, white or black / white. Our range of sizes includes the following in addition to our standard sizes of under-sheeting.

100mu (400 gauge)
Size Rolls per pallet
4m x 50m 28
8m x 22.9m 28
8m x 25m 28
9.14m x 22.9m 28
9.14m x 25m 28
12.8m x 15m 39
8m x 13m 39
11m x 11m 39
11m x 13m 39
11m x 15m 39
100mu (400 gauge) Special Sizes
Size Rolls per pallet
8m x 11m 39
8m x 7m 39
8m x 9m 39
11m x 7m 39
11m x 9m 28
100mu (400 gauge) Standard
Size Rolls per pallet
5m x 50m 28
8m x 28m 23
8m x 50m 23
9.14m x 50m 23
11m x 22.9m 23
11m x 25m 28
11m x 42m 23
11m x 50m 18
12.8m x 20m 28
12.8m x 22.9m 28
12.8m x 25m 28
12.8m x 36m 23
12.8m x 50m 18
14m x 30m 23
14m x 40m 18
100mu (400 gauge) Extra Wide Sheets
Size Rolls per pallet
16m x 30m 23
16m x 40m 18
17.4m x 25m 23
17.4m x 30m 18
17.4m x 40m 18
18.3m x 25m 23
18.3m x 33.5m 18
18.3m x 36m 18
100mu (400 gauge) Jumbo Rools
Size Rolls per pallet
8m x 300m 1
11m x 300m 1
200mu (800 gauge) Thicker Sheets
Size Rolls per pallet
8m x 28m 23
11m x 28m 18